• A leading holding company in its various fields that keeps pace with development and attracting investment opportunities, inspired by the National Transformation Program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Vision 2030).


  • Providing excellent services and products of high quality, efficiency and competition.
  • Contributing to achieving lasting economic growth by diversifying investments and attracting good and available opportunities in a way that brings shareholders with the best returns and introducing new job opportunities for the people of the region.
  • Seek the luxury of visitors and enjoy the best atmosphere and meet their needs during their stay.


  • Structuring the entities of the group to establish a family holding company.
  • Development of a bottled water production plant and the addition of several production lines to compete with all specialized factories and transform them into a public shareholding company in the future.
  • Highlighting the role of the tourist guide company in supporting tourism in the region.
  • Development of the group of caravans in Tabuk to become an integrated Chinese village.
  • Study the utilization of investment opportunities available in the region in the field of mining.
  • Development of Al-Basateen Complex to serve that part of Tabuk City. All required services are available.


  • The Group is fully committed to upholding the highest values and sound principles in all of its business and procedures.
  • The group cares about its partners and all its employees and treats them with dignity, integrity, respect and appreciation as they are the center of the group’s focus and its focus.
  • The group emphasizes its respect for all cultures and diversity, and accepts legitimate creative methods in the field of work and discusses difference in a sophisticated manner.
  • The group maintains a sound and safe working environment and shares its own successes with local communities and external relations
  • The Group undertakes to conduct its business with high transparency, with good ethics, and to assume its full responsibility and to fulfill its duties towards its customers, shareholders and society.